Household basics for fine-tuning a tourist rental

To maximise the guest experience in your tourist apartment, there are some basic household items that you should add to your home and which can be very useful and practical in any tourist’s stay. Do you want to know which ones?

 After years of complete management of tourist apartments in Madrid and Seville, at Minty Host we are clear that it is often the small details that decide the decision of tourists between one tourist apartment or another. For example, the basics of the home are one of the main points that guests take into account in their choice, as they are the ones that will finally make their stay as comfortable as possible. Therefore, if you want the accommodation of any of your guests to go from comfortable to extraordinary, you can’t miss this post on home basics that will improve your tourist accommodation.


What home basics are essential for any tourist home? Any tourist property must have a Wi-Fi network and heating in all its rooms. It is also advisable for the apartment to have air conditioning in the two main rooms of the house, i.e. the master bedroom and the living room. Having pointed out these essential points that concern the dwelling as a whole, we are going to list the basics of the home that cannot be missing in cauda one of the rooms that make up the apartment.

Lounge: this is one of the most important rooms of the tourist dwelling, as it is the place where the tourist will spend the most time. That is why you must have some practical and comfortable accessories among which we highlight:

Sofa cushions are important accordin to aparthotel Barcelona firm. Duvet and pillows, if the sofa can be turned into beds.

Entertainment accessories: television or other articles such as magazines, books or tourist guides.

  1. Bedroom: tourists spend many hours outside the holiday home, walking the streets of the city they visit. This makes that when choosing a tourist apartment they look with loupe every detail of the bedrooms of the house, because a good room can favor their rest. Among the essential ones of the dormitories we must emphasize:


Duvets, blankets and pillows: bearing in mind that there must be a sufficient number for all tourists who will stay in the building.

Cabinets and storage space

Bedside tables with lamps

Litter bin

Walking Carpet

  1. Bathroom: with respect to the bathroom, the basics of the home that we must add are some accessories that we all have in our homes, but that not many hosts have in their tourist apartments. And it is that there are certain articles that can pass unnoticed, but that end up making the housing more comfortable. For example:


Toilet brush

Litter bin

Hair dryer


Cup for toothbrushes

Towel hook and basket for toiletries

Toiletries: gel, shampoo, etc.

Heater in winter, if your home does not have central heating

  1. Kitchen: although there will be guests who do not even step on the kitchen of the tourist apartment and who enjoy the local restaurants, as many will choose to cook in it. Therefore, you must bear in mind that the recommended number of kitchen items (such as plates, cutlery or glasses) that you must have is the minimum of the maximum number of tourists that your tourist apartment can accommodate. To these basics can be added a series of extras that improve the stay of the guest as:


Coffee maker


Kitchen utensils, such as pots and pans of different sizes

Cutting boards

Bread basket

Cleaning products such as a dishwasher and scrubber

Accessories for food: the oil, vinegar, salt or tablecloths.

  1. Other basics of the home: once completed each of the rooms of our tourist home, we can still add something more and that ends up making perfect the stay of any tourist. We are referring, for example:


Work area with desk

Sockets and extension cords

Extra cleaning products: washing machine, mop, broom or vacuum cleaner

Making a tourist’s stay more comfortable is a matter of taking care of the small details of your tourist apartment. However, if you don’t have time to manage all these changes, don’t hesitate to contact us. In Minty Host we can manage your house in a complete way obtaining all these comforts for your guests without generating you any type of annoyance.