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BorrowPartner offers small business loans and financing solutions to small businesses in the USA, including small business loans, business lines of credits, and merchant advances. We structured our business to represent business borrowers and offer financing solutions customized to your needs. We work with established businesses and startups.

Our simple online application can be completed in minutes if you have your information handy and it only requires information that it is most often readily available. Our flexible financing solutions are designed to provide you with options that best fit your business today, not meet some large institution’s sales goals. Our fees are flat across solutions. Our transparent pricing is set to provide you with a detailed and accurate information about your financing, just as we would want as business borrowers. We don’t use jargon designed to mask fees and we don’t work with companies that do. Our affordable rates minimize the financial impact of borrowing on your business, so you can spend more on continuing to grow it. Know more about the cost of capital.