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The bullVestor Newsletter has been successful since 2005. Helmut Pollinger is well known in the microcap scene and has already identified numerous successful companies . His stock market letter is characterized in particular by Helmut’s expertise in the commodities sector. So he discovered as one of the first success stories such as Moto Goldmines (acquisition by a major by about 500 million Canadian dollars) or Exeter Resource (spin-out acquisition by 414 million Canadian dollars).

Even today, he has with his share ideas very successful. One of his recent top performances is the stock of oil & gas explorer Blackbird Energy, which is currently moving from explorer to producer. Again and again, Helmut also focuses on new industries and niches and was only able to locate a top player in the cannabis sector in the second half of 2016: The stock price of Marapharm has already multiplied since its launch.

The Bullvestor – Stock exchange newsletter blueEdition is the free version of the newsletter , with which investors can test the value of the current stock ideas and are nevertheless always informed in good time for important information. The main advantage of the paid bullVestor blackEdition is the time you receive new shares, always a few days before subscribers to the free blueEdition. The black Edition is limited and currently all seats are occupied. If you are interested in the chargeable blackEdition, but you can like to put on the waiting list. Just send an email to black@bullvestor.at